Trading Names

What does it mean?

What do you want to be known as?


Something that needs careful consideration is your trading name.

Some of us know it before we begin and others need to phone a friend!

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Before you begin

In this section we are going to give you some great tools and options to get started if you don’t know where to start the process!

A few things to think about are:

What name do you like?

This is a very important aspect when choosing your business name.

Lets be honest, if you don’t like it, you will not feel right about it, you might even stop talking about it as you will find it doesn’t express your passion for your area of expertise.

What name will your clients like?

This is another important aspect of deciding on your trading name. If it doesn’t sing to a potential client, they could move straight past you online pretty quickly. Losing you opportunities.

Can I change it later?

Absolutley. You might be pretty happy with it at the beginning. However, as much as it doesn’t sound like a big deal, think beyond the cost of $87 for the 3 years of registration. Think about your website, your social media accounts, and most of all, your patients that have come to know you as XYZ.

What name will get me found online?

With careful consideration, your trading name can help you with being found locally. If possible including your location suburb, which is some higher density locations can be tough. This is comething else to keep in mind.

Where to start…

Do you have complete writers block when it comes to your name?

I’ve has this in the past and I’ve used 2 methods to ge me through this mindless moment.

Thesaurus – https://www.thesaurus.com/

The online Thesaurus can bring me other words that describe words, like using the word care opens so many great word options, I’m sure you get the idea.

Google Search – “words that start with”

I’ve used google in this manner to give me names for businesses that might need to be “nicknamed” later. Think of a group of people at a BBQ, chatting away about their favourite Dentist, Dr Bob from Blair Street. The practice might be called Blair Street Dentistry and Oral Care, see they have dropped all the words except Blair St, interesting right.

Want to learn more?

We want to help you in your business journey. We have made quick online courses to assist you with great advice, direction. Each module is designed to specifically guide you and step you through process options so you can DIY your business set-up.