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Choosing the LinkedIn package mean you have come to the conclusion this is “your” platform.

This is where you think your target audience lives and is the best place to be the ‘heart and soul” of your social media presence.

It’s all about relationships when it comes to trusting someone with our business needs, we get it!

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We are here to help

We are here to work with you

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Your Brand:

Telling your story is important!

It’s important to us that we work together in the transition of your social media.

You might want it turned upside down, but you might also want it to seemlessly move that your audience doesn’t notice something changed.

We can work with on all levels, bold to subtle, and everything in between!

What to Expect:

Consider us your team!

Content for your social media is sent to you prior to going live on your social media.

We work 1 week ahead of schedule, week 1’s work is published in week 2.

We send you a proof copy of all posts the week before and require your approval within 24 hours of the email being sent.

This method helps you see what we have planned, well before it needs to go live and we can all rest easy that nothing is rushed to the last minute!

LinkedIn Only

Posting per day…

5 days a week

or choose 5 days/times


Weekly Price: $220 + GST

Getting started

Terms and Conditions

We only have a minimum contract term of 3 months

All new clients are charged 1 week’s cost to get started

This includes hashtag research, day/time analysis of your existing socials, researching your target audience and setting up your social media tracking statistics.

All packages include: Artwork, copy/caption, hashtags, scheduling and weekly social media statistics report.

Or request a customised quote

You might not see what you’re looking for in our packages above. You might want something more tailored to you and your business.

Reach out to us to discuss your needs!

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