Setting up your Home Office for Success

by | May 5, 2019

Many of us these days work from home, some all week, some part-time and there are many way to be successful in this and here are some open and honest truths about it.

Plan your day! Key to success in your home office!

Work out what you want to do, make a “to do list” and prioritise your hours.

When working in a home office there can be many distractions, depending on your family life and living arrangements.

Household chores are often the biggest killer of your productive time. I like to get them all done before I sit down to work, this way I’m not interrupted by the beep of the washing machine or dish washer during my moment of awesomeness!

If you have a family living at home, it’s a good idea to separate your home office from the family living zones. This could mean your home as a dedicated study, hopefully with doors. If there are no doors, you can install them or even run a curtain over the open area to give you that feeling of your dedicated space.

Another big distraction is TV. I never have this on when I’m working and if I can’t find something to listen to on YouTube or Apple Music, I will only turn on the TV if I am going to play a movie I have already seen before and do not need to look at the screen.

Music is my haven when working, it can be something soothing and relaxing like Zen Spa music or some type of study music also works well. Some turn to nature music, waves or bushland sounds or even a touch of classical depending on your taste. These can all work really well.

Sometimes when I’m not feeling the mood to get started on work I’ll put on something upbeat to get me in the mood, some dance music or something I find inspiring. Depending on your situation if you have this on loud speaker or using head phones.

If you are unable to separate your home office, you might not have one or your home is all open plan, make the space your own, and advise the family members you are now going to work and to leave you alone.

This sounds great in theory, but young children can sometime not work to your schedule. Don’t frustrate yourself, ensure you are timing your work time to when your partner is home and can tend to them.

If all else fails, remove yourself from the family home. Cafés can be noisy but you might find one in your area that allows you to concentrate.

Another alternative is shared office spaces, these can be great for networking and getting your mojo on for the project you are working on. They do cost and can be rented on a casual basis, if there is one in your area.

I have been very lucky, my family is grown up with the youngest now 16, and only 2 of the 4 living at home, they do their own thing and my husband keeps house so I can work cray cray hours.

I transformed my home office to an unconventional setting this year. I removed my office desk, I moved in my piano, bought a swivel chair and just work on my laptop. With relaxing décor and art work it has become my sanctuary for my work.

When I had the standard office desk I found myself feeling like I was at the work office. I felt like I never left work. These days even though I use my office for relaxing time as well, watching Netflix or surfing the web, the setting as inspired me to work more on my business rather than in my business and it feels more enjoyable.

When I want to knuckle down and get some serious paperwork done, I am often found at the dining table. Ergonomic wise, my relaxing office is more about being creative and not ergonomically friendly. Not to mention I have no were to put paperwork, great for not feeling overwhelmed when watching Netflix or writing my content pieces, but terrible to get actual work done.

My home office has given me the ability to write and share my experiences with those who are looking for advice.

Enough about me, back to your home office.

So, do you have a space to work at home, if not, why not?

What are you waiting for? You know what it should look like, if you don’t start googling ideas.

Will it be a standard home office, will it be stylish, or relaxed?

It will all depend on you and what you want to get out of your home office.

You might decide that your home office is you work horse zone and the laptop is your creative zone in your lounge room.

Whatever the case, make it yours, surround yourself as you know you will be productive.

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