Thank you for your interest in appearing on the BizNation Podcast. I am so excited to work with you on this episode and deliver a great discussion adding valuable information to our audience.

To deliver a great audio experience, I use a platform call cleanfeed. This is a high quality audio recording site that brings both voices into the one recording. I have also been known to connect via Zoom if we decide this works also.

From the content we record together I also like to have multiple marketing options available to share across our socials and looking to reach as many listeners as possible takes help from you with your sharing also.

BizNation podcast has evolved into a relaxing chat about key small business topics and to help bring this to life, below the calendar booking are some key pieces of information I need from you. I know it’s tedious, but trust me, it will help build an awesome episode together.

I self edit all my podcasts using Adobe creative cloud and I do have the option to reduce any minor background noises, but if you have a barking dog or small screaming children, I confess I cannot remove those parts.

Please use the calendar tool to pick the best day and time for recording for you, this could mean a weekend and that’s ok with me too, anytime that’s quiet for you. If you are struggling, reach out to me and we can try and schedule another time to suit your busy life.