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We are not the experts of all things social media – however we know from experience that getting your base social media up and running, with regular posts and engagement is key to getting a great following online and converted to your website.

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Facebook Page

Let’s step through the base you need for your Facebook Business Page.

Many say Facebook is dead for business. We tend to agree and disagree with this idea. Depending on your business and also depending on your service or product.

Having a Facebook Business Page is as important these days as your website, if you are not found on Facebook, it’s almost looked upon like, why not and are you a real business if not.

Business Page

Sadly a Facebook Business page is a critical element to have in your toolbox of social media sites.

Luckily, Facebook is hyper aware of how important this is and make it very easy to DIY your business page.

Ensuring your settings are correct, you want people to be able to tag you and share your content.

Covering all your base information, business details, contact information, website link, your trading hours are just as critical.

Another free and very handy option to have configured is your Facebook Messenger Service. Directing those enquiries direct to your mobile device and being able to interact with your potenial clients/customers on the go, can increase your conversion rates expondentially. 

Like many other professional services, we have partnered with a “chatbot” expert. Someone that can help you go above and beyond to not only qualify your potential leads with your chat functions, but also lead people visiting your page and website in the one platform integrated service.



Another critical space to be for your business socials.

Instagram is an amazing platform to reach a very broad audience for your business. Making posts, carousels, stories, and reels to stand out from the crowd and get very social and really enjoy your marketing here.

Getting your account up and running is slightly less envolved than other platforms, but still has critical elements, your bio and highlights being your voice to your audience.

The post grid is a great place to get creative and establish your style.

Ensure your account is set to a ‘business account’ and linked with your Facebook for cross promoting and also getting all your messages on Facebook makes life a lot easier.

Hashtags are a must, utilising all 30 for each post helps you reach your audience and be seen on this platform. Using a combination of high, medium and low ranking hashtags and don’t forget to test and measure these on a regular basis.

Above all else, have fun, get creative and to help you get across this and so much more, our course is available with the help from our biz-buddy Jenn Donovan from Social Media & Marketing Australia


Do you need help with Social Media?

As business owners, we wear so many hats, and sometimes, we don’t have enough hours in the day or some items can distract us from our core business.

This is why we offer Social Media Services for small businesses.

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We want to help you in your business journey. We have made quick online courses to assist you with great advice, direction. Each module is designed to specifically guide you and step you through process options so you can DIY your business set-up.