Do you love what you do?


Finding your true passion in life is tough, there is no doubt about it.

We all have things we enjoy and can do in small doses but finding the one thing you can do day in day out and keep the passion alive, can be easier than it sounds.

It is something you need to dig deep about and be completely open and honest with ourselves.

Some people are naturally creatively minded and still struggle to find a key aspect of creativity they can turn into a passionate business.

Others have extensive experience from education and even high education debt playing on their mind that can lead them to believe they are destined for a career or business in that chosen field.

Regardless of your upbringing and your cultural demographic, we all have the power and certainly the opportunity to break into a marketplace that we love.

Its not easy, and no one promises it will be. Well there are certainly those that do make these promises, but we all know, that if you want something in life, you have to make a start and you need to do the hard yards.

This means sacrifice. It could mean your social life is put on pause or cut back to a less than desirable level. It could be family plans or commitments that are placed into a holding pattern. It could mean that new kitten you wanted to buy is delayed for another 6 months as you don’t need the distraction.

But once you find what you love, all the noise of these big life changes fades into the background. You finally feel focused and happy.

And when I say happy, I am not saying you hit the big time and made a tonne of money right away, this can take time too. But you are on the road, you have found your path and trust me, having found that thing you love, spending everyday thinking about it, dreaming about it, plotting and planning it, this is what brings the happiness.

So, dig deep peoples, find your passion, and if it doesn’t hit you instantly, that’s ok too.

Trying different things, be open minded and keep looking, you will find it.

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