DIY Bookkeeping – yes you can!

by | Jan 22, 2021

Let’s talk about DIY Bookkeeping, it’s a serious space at the moment. It’s becoming super, super popular, and it’s especially great for those that have either just started their business or they might still be quite small, and they don’t have the funds and resources to outsource things like business finances to a third party.

There’s two kinds of business owners out there. 

There’s those that run a mile from their finances and those that actually want to face the challenge. 

So if you’re someone that wants to face the challenge of the business finances, DIY Bookkeeping is for you.

Business finances can be a little bit personal. 

I kind of compare them to our underwear. 

I know that sounds odd, and not everyone’s going to agree. 

But some of us feel like it’s a sacred space. 

It’s really the inside details of our business. 

That’s another reason why business owners will choose to DIY their bookkeeping. 

I’m a registered BAS agent and bookkeeper, and you might be thinking, ‘Why am I sharing with you about DIY bookkeeping?’.

There’s a couple of reasons for this. 

In fact, there’s three. 

The first reason is because I love small business.

The second reason is because I love the numbers, and the third reason is because I’m just too honest, I just can’t tell people that they can’t do their own bookkeeping because they certainly can. 

Another reason is there’s only one Kerry. 

There’s plenty of bookkeepers out there, and there’s a great arrangement of services available. But in my business, there’s only me. 

I refuse to farm out my clients work, I just won’t do it. 

I need my finger on the pulse and I like to be sure that everything is 100% accurate in someone’s business finances. 

So until technology actually learns how to clone me, then I can’t be everyone’s bookkeeper. 

And, we know as small business owners, saying ‘no’ to a client, it’s so painful. 

It’s just not something that any of us want to do. 

But because of my morals and because of the way that I like to operate, I thought that in 2021 it was a great opportunity to actually start teaching you DIY Bookkeeping.

In 2021 I want to pass on the “Pro Bookkeeper’s torch”. 

I want to pass this onto all micro and small business owners, and especially for those starting their business. 

I think 2021 is going to see more new businesses come into the marketplace, so I really want to share with you a couple of things. 

So obviously there’s a few options when it comes to DIY Bookkeeping. In fact, there’s many.

You can start your DIY Bookkeeping on a spreadsheet. 

You can hop into platforms such as Xero, MYOB or QuickBooks and there’s plenty of other free software available in the market, that will actually help you bring your finance numbers together.

I’ve actually got two free resources for you on my website. 

Both our Excel templates. 

One is for those that are registered for GST, and the other one doesn’t have G S.T, so head over to the resources page. 

And coming really soon are my workshops and webinars. 

These will be catered to those in the beginners space as well as advanced. 

They’re going to be epic, and I cannot wait to share these with you. 

Follow me on social media for these launches because they’re coming really soon you can find me on Instagram @zinc.business.solutions and of course, on Facebook at Zinc Business Solutions. 

I’ll be letting you know what’s on offer really soon, and I’m going to teach you all about DIY bookkeeping. I’ve taught so many business owners just like you and their staff, and it’s things like how to get Xero working for you, rather than you feeling like you work for Xero. 

Diving into a little bit more about Xero. There’s a few little things within Xero that are super cool. The bank feeds are actually directly linked to your bank account. There’s a little thing called bank rules. There’s also repeating invoices. There’s Find and Recode, and Xero actually purchased another business called Hub Doc. Hub Doc is designed to do all the heavy lifting for you to get your receipts and bills directly through to your Xero file and keep you compliant with the ATO. 

Reports is another awesome section in Xero. There are heaps of reports available and the list is just endless as to what you can dive into and what you can analyze in your business to really see what’s going on behind the scenes. 

I also like to teach people how to do their own health check in Xero. That’s super cool and just a few little things that you can learn there. 

There’s also things like loan accounts and owner drawings and the list goes on and on. 

But most of all, it’s about saving time with Xero. 

Many business owners put off doing their bookkeeping or their business finances because it’s just painful, they don’t want to sit down and do it. 

It’s not their core business. 

They’re obviously operating in a different space after a long day’s work, it’s really quite hard to dedicate the time to do these things. 

And this is why I want to teach so many people how you can actually DIY, as well as save time, and get it done really quickly to get back to your business, or even have some more family time.

My final thought for you, my biz buddies…

Don’t forget that you’re in business for a reason…

Don’t forget your why and when it comes to making decisions in your business, you need to go with your gut feeling, those personal feelings do matter, as well as seeking professional advice.

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