Business Plans

Do I need one?

What if I don't have time?


Many of us just want to get started, so why would I waste time on a business plan?

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Before you begin

In this section we are going to discuss why it is important to have a business plan and the options for making one simply!

A few things to think about are:

Why do I need a Business Plan?

Think about when you got your degree, just for a second. All that study, all the learning that took place. Your business plan is kind of the same. It becomes your solid guide to a successful business. Something to refer back to and also, and the most important part, assessing the business idea before you begin!

What happens if I don’t have one?

Without a business plan, you could be trying to stear the car without the steering wheel. Hopefully we wheels keep going straight for you, but there is no method to go around corners and make sudden turns if you need to.

Can I make one later?

Absolutley. You can always begin your business without a plan. You might have it all in your head. You could have done great research and recall that information to the front of your mind easily. However as mentioned above a business plan, even a draft version will guide and assist you from the start.

Where can I get started?

With so many great resources available online, the hardest part is knowing if you are choosing the right one.

We reccommend this site as a starting point, to at least fully understand what a business plan is – https://business.gov.au/Planning/Business-plans/How-to-develop-your-business-plan

If you are feeling lost and don’t know how to get started, hop over to our partner page to connect with an expert. 

Want to learn more?

We want to help you in your business journey. We have made quick online courses to assist you with great advice, direction. Each module is designed to specifically guide you and step you through process options so you can DIY your business set-up.