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So, you want to know more…


Hey there, I’m Kerry and I’m super excited you have found me!


2 things you must know about me, straight up:

1. I love everything business. I eat, sleep, and breathe all things business, from start-up right through to refinement!

2. I love numbers, literally, give me a bank account to reconcile, or some stats to analyse, and I am in my little heaven!


The success story…

With over 20 years business experience and 8 dedicated years to the dental industry!

Kerry Zarb has first hand experience of wins, and challenges faced by business owners, including her own!

Being passionate for all industries is a key aspect of what she loves about working with business owners, in both coaching and finances. 


Your success is Our Success!

Seriously, we want every clients to have an amazing business, one that they love and enjoy, as much as we love ours. This is why we enjoy taking your headaches away!


Why the high-five?

We know business owners are awesome!

You are looking for serious help, awesome support and amazing service, second to none, am I right?

High-five to you for landing here! Oh boy, do we have great options for you!


Business Coaching

Your business is your passion and you want it to succeed.

Either your yet to commence, or something is missing…something needs tweaking, or you want to grow or expand.

Aren’t you glad you landed here!


Sometimes we just need to hash it all out!

We often see those working in a group, bouncing ideas and feeding off each other, so beneficial.

This could be the better place for you?

DIY Courses

Not everyone is ready to outsource their business tasks!

We understand this, as we feel exactly the same.

This is why DIY is AWESOME!

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Our Company Mission

Your success is Our success.

Supporting YOU and your business.

At Zinc Business Solutions we love sharing our knowledge with energy, enthusiasm and passion.

Our Company Vision

To provide personalised services to our clients to ensure they are empowered to run their business successfully.


Our Company Values

Working side by side with our clients.

Being open, honest, and transparent.

Making wonderful connections with our clients and their networks.

Ensuring our clients feel supported every step of the way.

The rap sheet…


Zinc Business Solutions was founded in 2014 by Kerry Zarb, when clients began asking for more than just bookkeeping, which is where the business originated in 2012.

Working with business numbers since 2001, Kerry was always involved with finances.

Family, friends and business colleagues asking for advice was the norm at the Saturday BBQ.

Managing businesses in many industries for over 20 years, one thing remained the same, the business principles, Kerry decided it was time to move the business full-time in 2013.

Kerry was born in the coastal town or Portland. At the age of 8, Kerry’s family moved to a small farm in south western Victoria. With hard working parents, who also owned their own businesses throughout Kerry’s childhood, growing up and seeing what it took to operate a business, the natural progression was obvious.

Today, Kerry lives in the south western suburbs of Melbourne with her Husband, and is surrounded by a support team of family members.

Kerry’s heart still lies in the country. When the internet in rural areas improves, like significantly, it’s Kerry’s dream to go back to the country life!