ABN Registration

Where do I begin?


The first step in business...


It sounds complicated, but with the online age of simplicity, you can easily register online and just a short wait time before you are all done. 

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Before you begin

In this section we are going to cover the base steps of registering your ABN and some considerations to make or get advice on prior to starting.

As small business owners, starting with an ABN is always the first step and also a fairly easy process to complete online.

For financial record keeping, registering your ABN does start your business journey and certainly as a free process, it would never be the wrong move.

However it is recommended to consider what your business structure will be.

What is a Business Structure?

Common options are:

Sole Trader – just your name, trading on your own

Partnership – potentially a spouse or business partner/s together

Company – legal entity separate from its owners

Trust – entity that holds property or income for the benefit of others

When should I consider?

As mentioned above, starting as a Sole Trader is not wrong, but seeking professional advice based on the businesses size, future growth, risk and liability are just a few reasons to think about the structure.

You can come back to this step at a later date if your business grows quickly or your personal circumstances change.

How do I decide?

It always pays to get expert advice.

We have partnered with a Tax Agent/Accountant to work with you and can giude and assist you to making the right decision, who is amazing to work with.

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Where to register…

Australian Government – Australian Business Register

Online service to apply for your ABN

Direct Link to Register your ABN

This is a free application process!

Want to learn more about business?

We want to help you in your business journey. We have made quick online courses to assist you with great advice, direction. Each module is designed to specifically guide you and step you through process options so you can DIY your business set-up.