4 Keys to Online Businesses

by | May 5, 2019

So you want to start an online business, and are not sure where to being. Follow these 4 keys to begin turning your online dream into a reality.

Domain Name

There are so many options to register your Domain name, godaddy, crazydomains, wix, domaincentral, and the list goes on. It doesn’t matter which of these you choose. It’s just a domain name and so long as it’s available and you’re happy with it, get it done!

The important thing is .com or com.au

These days, all my googling leads me to .com.au, it’s my go to place for what I am after inside Australia. If you are establishing a global business .com is fine, but if you want to be known is Australia com.au is your best option.

There is also .net.au, .melbourne etc.

.net.au is a cheaper version of .com.au, so the choice is yours

.melbourne like the other cities are something more recently released and I think they are overpriced and not worth the extra spend.

.org’s are for charities or organisations not for profit

All the other . options are gimmicky and can make you look less professional.


One thing that can certainly make you look serious about being in business is your email address. Sure, there are many options available like Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo mail, but these are free world-wide email addresses and yes, free is good, but professional looking they are not.

When you email a business and it is “info@mybusinessname.com.au” you don’t think twice about emailing them. It just looks normal.

If a business reaches out to you from a Gmail or Hotmail account you can be alerted to their integrity and location.

You can get an office/outlook 365 account with Microsoft under your domain name and then decide if you want your name or a generic address such as info, sales or admin @ your domain name

If your getting a website it can be an option to combine your email address with the website.

But we warned doing it this way, oh dear, like I did and then when I thought I don’t need my website anymore and cancelled it and lost my email and all the history thanks to my failed brain space at the time.

I recommend office/outlook 365 for this reason.


These days, all businesses require at least a basic online presence

The sooner you start a website the sooner google recognises this through google rankings.

Even if you create a 1-page presence until you can spend more time on it, your website will benefit later.

Now of course if you’re planning your business to be completely online, there are 2 methods, e-commerce or professional website.

There are many options to get either off the ground.

Website hosting companies offer DIY website design for you to build yourself or you can outsource the task to a range of places like Gumtree, Airtasker, Highpages, Fiverr, or you might know someone who can help you out.

I suggest you do your research and find the company you are happy with, changing hosting can be a bit tricky. Don’t be fooled by just the price. Many budget companies are good don’t get me wrong, but their uptime can be compromised.

Social Media

These days this is a must have. Without social media, your website may never be seen. It will not have traffic and any leads may never find you.

Having multiple social accounts is also advised these days. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and most likely many others all have your target audience and you will quickly see what works for your business, your brand and this all depends on how much content you publish.

This is my person opinion on some social media sites:

Facebook – hello to my social connections

Instagram – take my business out to a nightclub

LinkedIn – my online newspaper

Again, these are my personal opinions and I am sure not everyone categorises them like this, but this if you do, you also need to produce the right content for each platform appropriately.

Sending the same post content across all social accounts may not appeal to all audiences reached. Sometimes we need the variety and target in mind for each platform.

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